Osceola Water Works – Breaking Down Your Osceola Utility Bill

After recent conversations the team at Osceola Water Works had some of their customers, there was the realization that there is still some confusion on the breakout of the utility bill they administer. While the bill customers receive includes fees for Water, Sewage, and Garbage, rates and management for the water portion is the sole responsibility of the Osceola Water Works. Any other utility rates and/or service management fees are controlled through the City of Osceola.
To help, they’ve provided a more detailed breakout with additional information on the Osceola utility bill…

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Encouraging Osceola to Think of Bottled Water as Conservation Measure

While recent community water conservation measures have shown daily water use averages down and the dropping levels in West Lake slowing, the Osceola Water Works Board, City, and Clarke County EMA are encouraging water customers to consider implementing a bottled water routine for their daily water consumption needs.
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Dry Spring Raises Osceola Water Concerns

With less-than-expected rainfall through this Spring and forecasts of a dry Summer ahead, the Osceola Water Works Board is concerned about the available water supply in West Lake. In their July meeting the board will be discussing the Water Conservation Plan and what will need to be done to assure safe and abundant water for the customers.
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osceola water main construction public notice

United Farmers Cooperative and Osceola Water Works have partnered to relocate a public water main pipe from the Cooperative’s property to Main Street, (Highway 69).

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Updated Strategies to Increase Osceola Water Quality and Savings

Osceola Water Works recently changed out the carbon filter material in the water treatment plant in hopes of improving water quality and to increase savings on future treatment for the community.
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Osceola Water Board Increases Conservation Plan to ‘Water Warning’ Level

The Osceola Water Works Board recently raised the Osceola Water Conservation Plan Level to a Water Warning. With current drought conditions and little relief in sight, the Board wanted to make sure the community is aware of the warning level. Click through to the latest feature for more details on their decision, what it means for water restrictions and potential penalties for violation.

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2020 Challenges Motivate Osceola Water Works Team For 2021 Progress

water tower osceola square

Osceola Water Works (OWW) and the customers they serve faced a number of unprecedented challenges in 2020. While it was understandably a tough year, there were also a number of positives to look back on as 2021 planning starts. The weather at the start of the year

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Osceola Water Works Researching Plans for Improved Water Quality

osceola iowa water quality

It seems to be an annual occurrence. As soon as the heat of late summer hits, surface water sources around the midwest become victims of algae blooms, causing treatment challenges for municipalities and water departments and giving citizens concern for their water quality. In Osceola’s West Lake,

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Clarke County Reservoir Project Engineering Reports Return with Added Costs

clarke county reservoir project costs

On September 17, the latest engineering report, including revised cost projections for the Clarke County Reservoir, was submitted to the Clarke County Reservoir Commission by HDR Engineering. With initial engineering and construction costs estimated in 2013 and after geotechnical research revealed numerous unforeseen challenges, the reservoir project

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Commercial Building Reopening Tips from CDC and Osceola Water Works

water safety tips from osceola water works

As the state of Iowa looks at reopening businesses after an extended COVID-19 shutdown, there are a number of preparation steps to be taken to ensure the safety of employees and customers. One thing that may not be top of mind for many people is the condition

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