Osceola Water Works – Breaking Down Your Osceola Utility Bill

After recent conversations the team at Osceola Water Works had some of their customers, there was the realization that there is still some confusion on the breakout of the utility bill they administer. While the bill customers receive includes fees for Water, Sewage, and Garbage, rates and management for the water portion is the sole responsibility of the Osceola Water Works. Any other utility rates and/or service management fees are controlled through the City of Osceola.
To help, they’ve provided a more detailed breakout with additional information on the Osceola utility bill…

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Water Works Payment Convenience Fee to Take Effect December 27th

osceola water works utility payment

In an effort to continue providing bill paying services through online card processing, as well as to offset service fees of over $7,500 annually to the utility customers, Osceola Water Works will be instating a convenience fee of 2.65% for each customer making their water utility payment

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