At the June 6th Osceola Water Works Board of Trustees meeting, the Board voted to exit Section 1 – Water Watch.

west lake levels chart

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After more than three years of below average precipitation and drought conditions across the state, Osceola and West Lake have finally seen rainfall amounts that bring lake measurements back to normal pool levels. With the most recent lake level reading at 1071.30 feet above mean sea level (MSL) the Board decided to take action and vote to exit Section 1 – Water Watch of the Osceola Water Works Water Conservation Ordinance. That means, for the first time since September of 2022, Osceola Water Works customers are no longer under a water conservation ordinance.

“Our community really came together and helped us level out water consumption through conservation,” said Alicia Kale, Water Board President. “I think a lot of good conservation practices have been adopted across the community and even though we’re not under a conservation ordinance, we encourage everyone to keep up the great work.”

The vote to exit the Osceola water conservation ordinance made Thursday night went into effect immediately and that information was posted to the Osceola Water Works website as well as their official Facebook page.

“While we are fortunate that all the rain has recharged West Lake to normal levels for the time being, we need to continue to be mindful of our overall water usage until a redundant supply is created,” said Brandon Patterson, Osceola Water Superintendent. “Work continues on the 3-stage plan implemented in April of this year.”

If you have questions or would like more information about the Osceola Water Works Conservation Ordinance, please contact the Osceola Water Works offices at 208 West Jefferson Street, PO Box 515, Osceola, IA 50213, Phone: 641-342-1435 or email: