Join the Conversation: City Encouraging Community Input on Comprehensive Plan 2045

JOIN THE CONVERSATION! The City of Osceola is embarking on the input and discovery phase in their comprehensive planning strategy. City leadership, business owners, and stakeholders across the city are looking to gather insights, information, and suggestions from the community to help focus the 2045 comprehensive plan via an online portal.
The City provided detailed information on how the community can come together to participate in the plan. Click through to read more and get involved…

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Realizing Community Investments: CCH to Finalize New Construction for Patient Areas and More

Clarke County Hospital is on the final leg of a substantial renovation project. By the end of the year, they’ll have added thousands of square feet of new patient space and updated areas to help meet the rising demand for healthcare and support for the community.

Click through to the latest article to read about the status of the CCH projects as well as some information on how the community can help through fundraising efforts…

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Updated Strategies to Increase Osceola Water Quality and Savings

Osceola Water Works recently changed out the carbon filter material in the water treatment plant in hopes of improving water quality and to increase savings on future treatment for the community.
Click through to the latest feature to read more about the updates and how they could impact your water bill…

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Winter Activities Come in Hot for Clarke Performing Arts Students

The “ONE-TRIBE” spirit hits hard and wins big with the Clarke Community Schools Performing Arts Winter season. With performance wins and show-stopping talent, the 2022-23 season resulted in some significant bragging rights for these Clarke artists.
Click through to the latest feature to read more about these amazing kids and their hard work representing Clarke Community Schools …

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SPECIAL EVENT: Digital Services Town Hall Meeting to be Held at SWCC

How’s your internet speed? What could the State of Iowa do to help make it better? There will be an event Tuesday evening where you and others from the community can discuss just that!
The Iowa OCIO is holding a town hall style meeting to get feedback from the Osceola community on digital services, including broadband and more. Click through to the latest post to learn more….

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Revelton Distilling Company Announces First Whiskey Release: Distiller’s Edition Rye Whiskey

Osceola Iowa’s Revelton Distilling Company is thrilled to announce the release of their very first whiskey, Distiller’s Edition Rye Whiskey. Distiller’s Edition Rye Whiskey is set to release for purchase exclusively at the Revelton Distillery on Saturday, April 15th at 10 am.
Click through to read more about the exciting news and how you can get your own Revelton Distiller’s Edition Rye Whiskey…

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Spring has Sprung, but Osceola Water Works Warns of Usage Restrictions

Spring means greener grass and blooming flowers, but until some upcoming evaluations at West Lake are made (or a considerable amount of rain is received), the community is still under the Osceola Water Works Conservation Plan: Section 2. Osceola Water Works is asking to keep casual water usage to a minimum, which means things like watering lawns and washing cars is prohibited.
Click through to read more on the conservation plan and how you can help.

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SPECIAL EVENT – Grow Your Community’s Tree Canopy

With the recent storms and Spring on the way, it’s really time to start thinking about your trees and, if damaged or in danger of pest infections, how to strengthen the community tree canopy. Osceola Master Gardeners recently reached out to Trees Forever to coordinate a special event to discuss exactly that.

Click through to learn more about the special April 10th event and how you can participate…

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SWCC’s Dr. Welch – Bringing a Dedicated Passion for Student and Tech Industry Success

With the recent $2million funding announcement for the development of a new tech center in Osceola (next to SWCC’s Osceola campus), local leadership and industrial professionals alike looked to the experience of SWCC’s Dr. Welch for her insights on how to deliver a project that: A) addresses industrial CRT and continuing education needs and B) incorporates a growing student focus and student career path approach.

Click through to read how Dr. Welch’s experience and insights are helping build student and industry success in southern Iowa…

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