SWCC’s Dr. Welch – Bringing a Dedicated Passion for Student and Tech Industry Success

With the recent $2million funding announcement for the development of a new tech center in Osceola (next to SWCC’s Osceola campus), local leadership and industrial professionals alike looked to the experience of SWCC’s Dr. Welch for her insights on how to deliver a project that: A) addresses industrial CRT and continuing education needs and B) incorporates a growing student focus and student career path approach.

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Special Community Education Event – Depolarizing Within – March 4th

SPECIAL COMMUNITY EDUCATION EVENT – MARCH 4th — Ever feel the common, courteous course of conversation has devolved to “Us and Them?” For many, what used to be simple disagreements and debates have broken down into contentious arguments or worse. If you want to learn how to see and manage these issues, this special community event is the place to start. Click through to read more and register for the event…

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