Mayor and City Officials Gear Up for Osceola’s Comprehensive Plan 2045

The Comprehensive Plan for the City of Osceola is quickly approaching the next phase of the development process. After the data gathered from extensive community input as well as from city officials and business owners, the team at RDG Planning and Design are working diligently to finalize it all and bring the plan together. Mayor Kedley and others have been anticipating the results and some of the findings are certainly exciting.
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Visioning Session Continues Impressive Community Response

Thursday night, at an open house at Revelton Distillery, local leadership and the community gathered to discuss and add more ideas for for the future development of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The event was very well attended and many exciting ideas were exchanged.

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Join the Conversation: City Encouraging Community Input on Comprehensive Plan 2045

JOIN THE CONVERSATION! The City of Osceola is embarking on the input and discovery phase in their comprehensive planning strategy. City leadership, business owners, and stakeholders across the city are looking to gather insights, information, and suggestions from the community to help focus the 2045 comprehensive plan via an online portal.
The City provided detailed information on how the community can come together to participate in the plan. Click through to read more and get involved…

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