At a recent board meeting for the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC), a $3,320 discretionary grant was approved to help fund Crossroads Behavioral Health’s efforts in obtaining CARF accreditation. These accreditations will facilitate not only state and local credibility and funding capabilities, but also open paths for Federal funds. By acquiring these accreditations, Crossroads can continue funding behavioral health and drug addiction services throughout Clarke County and the communities they serve.

“These are the services so many in our community struggle with emotionally and financially,” said Crossroads Executive Director, Brittany Palmer. “By advancing Crossroads’ accreditation, we open the door for more funding which subsequently increases the service and care we can offer our community.”

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Crossroads offers a variety of mental health services, including family counseling and substance abuse.

For more than four decades, Crossroads Behavioral Health Services has offered Clarke and surrounding counties a wide range of mental health services. From counseling individuals and groups for mental health to substance abuse, medication management and more, the team at Crossroads helps people identify problems and create successful plans to deal with them at all levels.

Crossroads’ services include:

  • Mental Health and Psychiatric Services
  • Integrated Home Health Care
  • Peer Support
  • Group Therapy
  • Tele-Counseling
  • Justice-Involved Services
  • Community Support Services
  • OWI Evaluations, including 12-Hour Prime for Life OWI Courses
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Gambling Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Services

By obtaining the CARF accreditation, additional funding opportunities can help Crossroads bolster these programs including financial assistance for those on Medicaid and the under- or uninsured.

One of the most significant benefits of Crossroads Behavioral Health Services is that they offer a sliding fee scale, which means that individuals without insurance or with limited financial resources can still access mental health and substance abuse services. This is especially important in communities like Clarke County, where the poverty rate sits at 9.6% (State average = 11.1%), and many people struggle to afford even basic healthcare.

Crossroads also works closely with local schools and similar counseling services to provide mental health services to youth in need, ensuring that students have access to support and treatment when they need it. They provide a range of services to schools, including assessments, individual and group counseling, and crisis intervention. By working with schools, Crossroads helps to ensure that students can receive the support they need to succeed academically and personally.

“If this grant goes to help one more patient or one more family, it’s well worth the effort,” said Bill Trickey, CCDC Executive Director. “The mental health and wellbeing of our community impacts every aspect of our future. Crossroads is shoring up that foundation for better, healthier growth.”

Crossroads also operates several outpatient treatment programs for individuals with severe mental health and substance abuse issues. These programs provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to receive treatment and support as they work towards recovery. They offer a range of services, including counseling, medication management, and skills training, to help individuals build the skills and tools they need to manage their conditions and improve their overall quality of life.

“Helping patients understand and manage existing or potential health issues, including mental health and substance abuse, can also greatly reduce the burden on hospitals and emergency services,” said Palmer.

Overall, Crossroads Behavioral Health Services is a critical resource for the Clarke County community and the surrounding areas. They provide a comprehensive range of services to support individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues, and they do so with a client-centered approach that prioritizes the needs and goals of the individual. By offering sliding fee scales and working with schools and other organizations, Crossroads ensures that their services are accessible to all who need them, regardless of their financial resources.

Crossroads offers a 24-hour crisis hotline at 515-705-2382. This line is staffed by trained professionals who can quickly provide support and guidance to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

If you have questions about Crossroads Behavioral Health or would like to discuss their services, please reach out to Brittany Palmer, Crossroads Behavioral Health Executive Director at or by calling 641-782-8457.