Randy Bolton, Clarke Community Schools Activities Director

Mr. Randy Bolton, Clarke Activities Director retires at the end of 2022.

Clarke School’s Randy Bolton is spending his final days in the district reflecting on memories and planning for a new future. For more than two decades at Clarke, Mr. Bolton has spent his days supporting staff and students across the district. From Assistant Elementary Principal to Coach, Teacher, and on to his last handful of years as Activities Director, Randy Bolton’s time at Clarke has not lacked in excitement and a true connection with the kids he says he’ll miss the most.

“There’s a real ‘Clarke Connection,’ here,” said Bolton of his experience while working in the district. “Most of my fondest memories will be seen through that lens.”

As our interview started, Bolton was spending the last few minutes of the day rescheduling sporting events and checking bussing schedules for the safety of the students.

“I thought I could retire without doing storm rescheduling,” laughed Bolton. “But it’s not all basketball and disciplinary meetings. The health, safety and success of our kids comes first.”

That connects to his plans for post-Clarke days. For the last few years, Mr. Bolton has been a student himself, studying and honing his skills as a mental performance coach and counselor. After he puts the last days in at his office at Clarke’s middle school, Randy will kick off the new year as a territory owner for Fundraising University, an organization helps students, coaches and educational organizations build thoughtful, profitable fundraising programs. “Bolton 2.0” Randy joked, will be a combination of my love of sports, teaching, coaching mental performance, and supporting ADs, coaches, and students at an transformational level.

“Commitment and perspective change over time,” said Bolton. “The last few years, with a family Cancer scare, Covid and more, we decided change was necessary to continue making a positive impact.”

“Positive impact” is a term heard often when talking to peers and co-workers about Bolton’s time at Clarke. After more than 20 years at Clarke in roles ranging from girls’ basketball coach to teacher and, administrator, Randy Bolton and his wife – who has also worked as a coach with the district – have certainly left their mark.

Sue Brimm, Activities Secretary at Clarke reflected on her time with Bolton,

“Over the years … our families have become great friends,” she said. “I remember {Randy’s wife and daughter} bringing him peanut butter sandwiches and sitting with him at a cafeteria table. This was some of the only time they spent with him in the evenings.”

Doug May, Clarke Middle School coach went on to say,

“When he started back in as Activities Director over the last few years, and coaching recently, you could really see him shine as he worked and connected with the kids.”

When asked what he’d miss most about his days at Clarke, Mr. Bolton was quick to respond with “The Clarke Connection,” and his students. He went on to explain the excitement he still gets at games or other events where he knows the work these students put in to reach the excellence and artistry they’ve achieved.

Randy Bolton’s last week is the week before holiday break. While it’s short notice, be sure, if you see Randy in the halls over the next few days, you wish him luck and give him a big, “Make it a Great Day!” as you walk by.

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