ccdc award murray foundation

CCDC Board President Sue Wilder presents the winning $1,000 grant to Dennis Jeter of the Murray Community School Foundation.

Each year, the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC) puts together a Community Development Forum for local nonprofit groups to network, share their successes and present plans for the upcoming year. It’s a great event that gives tremendous exposure to local charitable groups and the important work they do, as well as providing an opportunity to network with other organizations and build important relationships.

Nationally, the need for community volunteerism at an all-time high. The discussion circulating at this year’s event centered around finding those passionate people to help serve. The organizations in attendance ranged from faith-based organizations, food and clothing pantries to mental health and counseling services, and organizations to promote local arts and culture.

“With over 25 organizations presenting their services and their visions, it was evident how easy it is for service-minded people to find an organization to help,” said Elizabeth Simpson, Program Manager for the Clarke County Development Corporation.

Lisa Leuders The Village

Lisa Leuders and her husband Jim.

Special recognition was given to Lisa Leuders from Osceola, Iowa. Lisa was instrumental in the establishment of The Village Early Childhood Center in Osceola. Through her commitment and hard work, children from all over south-central Iowa have access to professional, licensed daycare providers, as well as, before and after school care and activities.

Also, this year, Murray Community Schools Foundation was awarded a $1,000 donation from the CCDC through a drawing from all attending and presenting at this year’s event.

The program also offered attendees and organizers the opportunity to learn more about grant availability and funding options for their nonprofit. The CCDC, CCOPS, DEKKO and others have numerous grant and funding paths for nonprofits that often go unrealized.

“Sustaining these nonprofit organizations and supporting the community is a priority for the Development Corporation,” said Bill Trickey, CCDC Executive Director. “The more we can give back to our community, the stronger we all will be.”

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The document linked to the left is the full program and organization listing for the 2019 CCDC Community Forum. There you’ll find dozens of organizations looking for support and volunteers to serve throughout the community.

If you have any questions about Clarke County nonprofit organizations or need more information about the forum, please contact Elizabeth Simpson at the Clarke County Development Corporation, 115 E Washington St, Osceola, IA 50213, phone: 641-342-2944, email: