Each year, Osceola Chamber Main Street and the Clarke County Development Corporation join in hosting a celebration of local business and achievements for the past year. helen saylor-kimes osceola iowa

Tuesday’s event saw leadership from Osceola and Clarke County government, local businesses and non-profits joining together to celebrate – in 20’s-era style – the best Osceola and Clarke County has to offer. Part of that celebration was the recognition of Osceola Chamber’s Community Service Award that went to Helen Saylor-Kimes for her ongoing commitment and tireless efforts to make Osceola and Clarke County a better place to live.

Established by Helen and her late husband Eddy Saylor in 1977, Saylor Realty has served the community’s real estate needs for over four decades and has been an integral part of the growth in Osceola and Clarke County.

Together, they raised their family in Osceola, with all of their children graduating from Clarke Schools, and both served proudly as President of the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC) and on the Board of Directors.

“Helen’s commitment to this community is a tremendous asset,” said CCDC Executive Director, Bill Trickey. “Her drive and vision inspire each and every member on the board.”

Instrumental in bringing business and industry to the community, Helen served two non-consecutive terms as President of the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC). Lakeside Hotel and Casino, Altec, and Iowa Steel all planted roots in Osceola during her terms leading the CCDC. She also played a crucial role in locating the nursing home and assisted living facilities in Osceola, starting the tech prep program for the community, as well as obtaining grant funding for the Safe Routes to School initiative and the ever-growing Osceola Trail system.

The Chamber’s nomination letter for Helen included a closing statement, summing up their appreciation for Helen’s service, and supporting her nomination for the award, stating,

“Few members of our community put as much time and energy into making Osceola and Clarke County a great place to live, with a plan for a bright and prosperous future.”

So, next time you see Helen around town, give her a big “Congratulations,” and heart-felt “Thank you” for her commitment to the community and passion for its future.