On April 12th, 2019, Iowa Congressional Representative Dave Loebsack announced his decision to retire at the end of this current term. In 2020, after 15 years in the House, the seat representing Iowa’s 2nd District will be handed off to a new representative. That in no way means Loebsack is slowing his efforts to build a better Iowa, and that was proven with Tuesday’s visit to Osceola, Iowa’s Miller Products Company.

For over 80 years Miller Products has been one of Iowa’s most trusted producer of CNC machined and custom CNC parts with over 50 years’ producing parts for manufacturers all over the world right from their plant in Osceola, Iowa. Loebsack chose to visit Miller to gain a better feel for the manufacturing industry and how, at a Federal level, he could bolster his fight on capitol hill to help.

“One of the biggest challenges the industry is facing today is finding and keeping qualified, motivated employees,” said Kerry Richardson, Miller’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

Some of the progressive efforts Miller is making to alleviate employment challenges have included working with the Clarke County Development Corporation and Clarke Community Schools in a manufacturing advisory board for high school students as well as the integration of a Department of Labor apprenticeship programBoth programs came as great news to Loebsack and encouraged the team at Miller to keep moving the company toward community outreach and education to gain the employment advantage.

When asked about recently increased Federal tariffs and the impact it has on materials for U.S. Manufacturers, the Representative became focused and determined with his comments.

“We’re fighting for bipartisan stability and common sense at all levels of Government,” said Loebsack. “We know the impact foreign trade and the USMCA {“NAFTA-2”} have on the industry and we’ll do what’s best for our constituents.”

Loebsack went on to congratulate Miller Products for continued growth and the ability to make capital investments in the face of industry fluctuations.

“With investments in our employees as well as digital sales and marketing efforts, the ups-and-downs we’ve seen in the market have had less impact than previously expected,” said Richardson.

If you’d like to know more about Representative Loebsack’s visit at Miller Products Company or would like more information on Miller’s CNC parts and services, please contact Kerry Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager, at sales@MillerProductsCo.com, go to their Web site www.MillerProductsCo.com, or call 800-245-7034.