In May’s Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC) board meeting, a handful of non-profits and organizations from around the community took advantage of more than $100,000 of approved grants and donation support through the CCDC.

grants and donations for nonprofits in osceola iowa

Organizations throughout Osceola and Clarke County, Iowa look to the CCDC for support in a variety of avenues. From help with development strategies and resourcing of training and educational opportunities to financial support for non-profits and community organizations, the CCDC focuses on supporting its members with a variety of knowledge-, resource-, and financial-based solutions.

Some of that support, of course, comes in the form of grants and donations. This funding helps facilitate business, community, and development projects that otherwise these organizations would struggle to finance.

“We have a very tight-knit community of growing and flourishing businesses and organizations,” said CCDC Executive Director, Bill Trickey. “With the assistance we receive from Lakeside Hotel and Casino proceeds, funding projects like these really helps amplify opportunities for growth and impact the future of our community.”

May’s total of $108,832.60 in CCDC grant and donation distributions will help support everything from the improvement of buildings and architecture throughout the area to event and travel costs for the Speech team at Clarke Community Schools.

  • In a request from Clarke’s Superintendent, Dr. Dykens, the CCDC kicked off the meeting donating more than $900 to cover partial travel expenses and fees for the school’s speech team. While Clarke’s activity funds were able to cover some of the district and state competition fees, attending Nationals in Arizona came with a higher ticket price than expected. With support from the CCDC and others, Mr. May and the student team will be competing at Nationals for the first time in many years.
  • With $4,500 going to support the training, supplies, and ongoing care for the Clarke County Emergency Management Association’s very first Trauma and Crisis Canine, Kai, the CCCD’s grant will help the EMA increase its presence in crisis situations and support the community in the times of need. Kai, comes to Osceola via Crisis Canine Glory out of Colfax, Iowa.
  • $10,000 was granted to the organization, Families First, in continued support of community pool passes. Applicants can reach out to the organization for support covering costs of passes to the Fern Underwood Aquatic Center during the Summer.
  • The Village Early Childhood Center received a grant for $36,432.00 to help with ongoing updates and renovations throughout the center. With additional money from DEKKO, the CCDC grant will help the organization replace damaged or worn flooring throughout the center and improve the overall safety for the children and families they serve.
  • Additional funds from the CCDC covered a $50,000 grant to Osceola Chamber Main Street (OCMS). This money continues an ongoing building improvement program established by OCMS in 2019. With this program, OCMS helps finance projects specific to Osceola businesses for construction and structural updates like building façade improvements and office renovations.
  • Finally, the City of Osceola was the recipient of a grant for up to $7,000 to cover fees associated to asbestos evaluations necessary for the reclaiming and reconstruction after the building fire on the corner of N. Main and Jefferson. The evaluations from third-party asbestos and safety inspectors and help get the City to the next steps of renovations and improvements for the city’s square.

The Clarke County Development Corporation holds monthly public meetings where opportunities like the ones listed above as well as the actions the CCDC will be taking each month are discussed. Organizations interested in participating in the development corporation or would like more information on grants or activities through the CCDC are encouraged to attend.

If you have any questions about the grant process or becoming a member of Clarke County Development Corporation, please contact Bill Trickey, Executive Director, at 641-342-2944. Or email