Osceola Fire Department has been awarded a FEMA grant for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Fire Prevention and Safety. This grant provides a 34ft state of the art fire safety training trailer.

osceola fire department - safety trailer

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This training trailer contains multiple scenario options that match the most common threats in our community (Kitchen Fire, Bedroom, Industrial, Severe Weather). All elements in the scenario are fully interactive and are controlled independently to create a truly realistic experience. Intense infrared heaters, smoke effects, sound effects and LION’s Digital Flames create a realistic, yet completely safe training environment.

BEDROOM EMERGENCY – Door heats up – Smoke appears under door from the adjoining room-Smoke detector alarms -Escape through E.D.I.T.H. window -Children learn the basics of fire safety in a realistic, but safe environment. They feel the door for fire outside their bedroom, block smoke from entering under the door with a towel or pillow, call 911 and, if necessary, use the E.D.I.T.H. window to escape the danger.

KITCHEN EMERGENCY – Oven fire ignites-Smoke issues from oven & microwave-Fire spreads to stove top-Overhead heaters intensify-Trash can ignites-Smoke detector alarms

Trainees must first call 911, then knock down the fire with a laser training extinguisher and turn off the oven and stove to prevent reignition. If the trainee doesn’t get the fire out, the heat and smoke force evacuation.

INDUSTRIAL EMERGENCY – Electrical panel arcs-Parts washer ignites-Heat and smoke intensify-Trash can fire ignites-Paint locker catches fire

Trainees must pull the fire alarm, shut down the power and use a training extinguisher properly to prevent a fire from spreading throughout the scenario. Hazard Recognition Props include HazMat placards, gas leak prop, lock-out/tag-out station and a smoking outlet.

SEVEREWEATHER – The LION Extreme Weather Package is a state-of-the-art hazard recognition prop. The package includes a weather alert broadcast over the trailer’s TV and radio. The alert is similar to the ‘Emergency Broadcast System’ alert, informing trainees that a severe weather event is imminent. The broadcast describes the differences between ‘storm watch’ and ‘storm warning’ using facts from FEMA to teach trainees life-saving tips and preparation techniques based on the type of extreme weather.

The simulation includes digital amplification of various severe weather sound effects and strobe effects simulating lightning and power surges, creating an extremely realistic training environment. Passengers will feel like they’re in the eye of the storm as the trailer shakes and the lights flicker. Life-threatening weather emergencies can occur with little or no notice. The Severe Weather Package, an add-on to the Kitchen Fire Scenario, broadcasts realistic severe weather alerts and teaches trainees how to react if faced with an extreme weather event. Weather simulations incorporate actual news broadcasts with immersive sound effects for hurricane, earthquake, flood, and tornado safety education. The LION Severe Weather Package teaches critical life-saving steps in a highly realistic training environment.

  • NOAA Weather Radio warns of severe weather
  • Integrated television broadcasts emergency weather news report
  • Digital amplification creates realistic weather sound effects
  • Strobe effects simulate lightning and intermittent power outages

The Severe Weather Package allows for breaks in the action so the instructor can discuss the emergency procedures specific to their location. The intensity level can be adjusted to provide an experience appropriate to the age level of the participants.

Osceola Fire Department and Clarke County Emergency Management entered into an agreement to provide this significant advancement in training safety as a regional asset. With training opportunities in fire safety for all ages and industrial training aspect citizens of all ages will benefit from this project. With the addition of the severe weather features the trailer becomes an all-hazards training program. Both agencies will work with other entities around the region to provide training for as many people as we can for many years to come.

Osceola Fire Department partnered with the Southern Iowa Council of Governments to prepare the grant request to FEMA. SICOG has been a crucial partner in preparing and receiving grants to both Osceola and Clarke County.

The FP&S (Fire Prevention and Safety) program intends to enhance the safety of the public and firefighters with respect to fire and fire-related hazards by assisting fire prevention programs and supporting firefighter health and safety research and development.

For more information on this project please Contact Byron Jimmerson, Osceola Fire Chief, Osceola Fire Department, 135 West Washington Street, Osceola, Iowa 50213, https://osceolaianet.wpengine.com, email: osceolafire@osceolaia.net