Clarke County Hospital is creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) which will have its inaugural meeting in March 2018. The Hospital is currently recruiting volunteers to be a part of the PFAC to help enhance patient experience and care delivery at Clarke County Hospital by focusing on healthcare through the eyes of those receiving care at Clarke County Hospital.

The Clarke County Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council will strive to ensure that Clarke County Hospital delivers patient focused and family-centered care through collaboration and teamwork. By partnering with patients and families, Clarke County Hospital will work to enhance overall processes, procedures and care delivery.  The PFAC will ensure that the voice of patients and their families are represented in a team effort to enhance care experience.

Clarke County Hospital is currently looking for individuals in Clarke County who will work in partnership with Clarke County Hospital staff to enhance patient care, while advocating to improve the satisfaction and overall outcomes of patients. By participating in a Patient and Family Advisory Council, members will be able to meet new friends, listen to the voice of others, and make an impact on the care of Clarke County Hospital’s patients. Getting involved will create a unique opportunity for council members to make a difference in the hope and healing of others.

Clarke County Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council will be looking for members willing to make a personal commitment to:

  • Meeting monthly, starting March 20th – November with Clarke County Hospital staff (approximately 2 hours each month).
  • Attending any PFAC orientation programs.
  • Meeting with other patients and families about their experiences.

A formal application will be available to individuals who are passionate about patient care and outcomes. Applications will be due February 9th.  For more information, please contact LuAnne Heemstra at or call 641-342-5292.