COVID-19 Vaccine Information

A COVID-19 Round-table will be held via Facebook Live on Tuesday March 2nd 2021.

After weeks of vaccination distribution across the country many communities are still struggling to get answers on availability, scheduling, distributions locations and more. Clarke County Hospital (CCH) and Clarke County Health Department have been working tirelessly to get vaccinations to those in need as well as keep the public up to date on the latest news on vaccinations and their availability.

“We know there are questions about availability and scheduling,” said Tom Bahls, Clarke County Hospital Communications and Foundation Manager. “That’s why we want to open up an online conversation to help talk people through where we are and where we expect to be.”

An online round-table event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2nd at 5:00pm.

The event will the live-streamed through Facebook Live via the Clarke County Hospital, Clarke County Health Department and Clarke County Emergency Management Agency pages (links below).


The round-table is intended to help inform the community on current the COVID-19 vaccination status for Clarke County as well as open up discussions on availability, scheduling and more. Those interested will be able to submit questions and carry on discussions through the Facebook event.

“The Facebook event we had at the onset of the whole COVID pandemic was quite informative and a great success,” said Bahls. “We’re hoping Tuesday’s event helps alleviate some concern and bring everyone up to date.”

With capacity to provide up to 1,000 vaccinations a week, the hospital understands the limited supply provided by state and federal governments is not meeting local demand. With the hospital treating citizens 65 and older and Clarke County Health Department treating essential workers, educators and others, the vaccine supplies run short before those on waiting lists can be reached. But with new vaccinations coming out as well as a potential increase in state supplies, there is optimism that the vaccination schedules will start to pick up.

If you have questions or need additional information about the online round-table, please refer to the Clarke County Hospital Facebook page (link) or reach out to Thomas Bahls, Clarke County Hospital Communications and Foundation Manager at 800 S. Fillmore Street, Osceola, Iowa, 50213, phone: 641.342.5489